Adjustable Aluminum Air Amplifier 40002

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Nex Flow Adjustable Air amplifier is lightweight, machined anodized aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminum units are popular with OEM’s due to their compact design, light weight, and low cost. Stainless steel units are utilized in high temperature, and/or corrosive environments as well as for medical, food, and pharmaceutical installations. Suitable for most applications for blow off, cooling, or venting, these adjustable units can have their gap setting anywhere from .001” to .004” to control the output flow and force required. Once the gap is set, an O-ring locks the setting into place. The systems utilize the Coanda effect like the Standard Air Amplifier version to create a powerful, amplified, and high velocity laminar flow of air.


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  Intake D
Outlet C
Air consumption (5,5 Bar)
Amplification (about)
38,0 mm
19,0 mm252 l/min10:1
50,3 mm
31,8 mm
354 l/min
4000275,7 mm50,8 mm
609 l/min
139,7 mm
101,6 mm
1360 l/min