Stainless Steel Drum Angel

New product

Manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel: The Reversible Drum Angel/ Drum Pump is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, wastewater and other liquids using only compressed air. The compressed air system attaches easily to any closed head of a drum (30 or 55 US gallon, or 45 Imperial gallon or 205 litre drum) The reversible feature allows you to fill or empty the drum in under two minutes with the simple turn of a knob. Using no electricity, the Angel unit, which is connected to the small hole on the top of a closed metal drum, creates  pressure, rather than a vacuum, inside to push out the liquid.

The flow rate can be controlled either by a shut-off valve, a regulator, or by the knob which directs the air flow to either fill or empty the drum.

The Drum Angel is mounted directly into the small hole in a standard (sealed top) metal drum.  It should have a nominal wall thickness of 1.5 mm (16 gauge) and be in good condition to maintain the integrity of system performance and safety.  Using no electricity, this system can outlast electrically operated drum pumps that can wear out in harsh industrial environments. There are two built in safety features: a float that prevents overfilling of the drum but cutting off air flow when filled, and a safety relief system to prevent over pressuring and causing any bulging or damage to the drum.

The advantages of the Drum Angel drum pump are as follows…

  1. No moving parts except for the knob which controls flow, essentially maintenance free
  2. Driven by compressed air and not electricity so safer with longer life
  3. 316L Stainless Steel to handle a wide range of liquids
  4. Compact and portable – easy to install
  5. Built in pressure safety relief and overfill prevention
  6. Fits any standard metal closed head drum
  7. System comes complete with hose and accessories and even a spill recovery kit that some competitors often charge extra for, at no extra cost

The Drum Angel uses less than 20 SCFM (566 SLPM) at 80 PSIG (5.5 bar) and can remove water at 30 US gallons per minute (114 liters per minute).  If viscosity is greater than water it will take longer to transfer material. Compressed air inlet to the unit is 1/4 “ NPT. A plastic stand pipe that comes complete with the system is installed into the large bung hole and hose and attachments supplied are connected to the fitting on the stand pipe, outside the drum.

Optional accessories that can also be purchased are:  filter with auto drain, manual shut off valve, oil removal filter with auto drain and a 55 US gallon drum dolly.