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Pneumatic Filters

All compressed air products used for blow off, cooling, moving, and cooling – whether it is nozzles, air amplifiers, air operated conveyors, vortex tubes, panel coolers, tool coolers, etc. – require clean compressed air. So it is important to use filters to remove water and oil from the compressed air lines prior to entering the product. We recommend filters of a minimum of 10 microns for water removal and 0.3 microns for oil removal if oil is present in the air lines. In most cases they should have a float type automatic drain to ensure accumulated waste is rejected from the system. Filters should be sized to handle the maximum air flow expected.

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Filter with auto drain 5 micron 1800 l/min plastic bowl with guard, 3/8″ NPT


Filter with auto drain 5 micron 6200 l/min metal bowl with siteglass, 3/4″ NPT


Filter with manual drain, plastic bowl 760 l/min 1/4″ NPT


Filter with auto drain 5 micron 1200 l/min plastic bowl, 1/4″ NPT


Oil removal filter with auto drain 1040 l/min, 3/8″ NPT


Oil removal filter with auto drain 4200 l/min, 3/4″ NPT


Filter IP-66 with auto drain 5 micron, 1/4″ NPT


Regulator with gage 1400 l/min, 1/4” NPT

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