Frigid-X Adjustable Spot Coolers

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Produce cold air as low as minus 30 ºF (minus 34 ºC) from compressed air to spot cool with easy adjustability.


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The Frigid-X Adjustable Spot Cooler is a low cost and maintenance free system which utilizes a vortex tube to produce cold air at one end.

The Frigid-X Adjustable Spot Cooler temperature can be adjusted using a knob at the hot end to set the temperature precisely to your requirements. Temperatures range from approximately minus 30 ºF to room temperature and can be easily set with a thermometer.

The Frigid-X Adjustable Spot Cooler System comes with three brass generators for flow rate adjustment - 15 scfm (425 slpm), 25 scfm (708 slpm) and 30 scfm (850 slpm) providing refrigeration up to 615 Watts.