Frigid-X Sub-Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist Systems 58208


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When lubrication is required as well as cooling, lubricating mist can be reduced and cooling enhanced.

Heavy coolant can be messy, costly and must be carefully maintained. In addition, dry machining is not always possible due to the need for lubrication or additional cooling that cold air alone cannot provide. The unique patent pending low cost Frigid-X Sub-Zero Vortex Tool Cooling Mist System is ideal for such applications. The unit is comprised of a coolant/lubricant suction system which draws any water based liquid into a specially designed delivery system. This cools the liquid to deliver a very cold fluid "mist" at around 40 degrees F (5 degrees C). This cooling allows for as much as 20 % less coolant needed, faster production rates and improved quality.

Sub Zero Vortex Mist Tool Cooling System comes with Mist Handing unit, Mini Cooler, Magnet.


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