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Heavy Duty Ring-Vac Conveyor

Heavy Duty Ring-Vac Conveyor is available in standard and threaded versions for heavy duty applications. They are designed for conveying materials over a longer distance both vertically and horizontally than regular models. They move 50 % more volume while conveying much further. They are made of hard anodized aluminium to prevent premature wear that could occur with regular models at harsh applications.

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Nex Flow Heavy Duty Ring-Vac Conveyor is available in hard anodized aluminium. Simply clamp a standard hose to each end of the Ring-Vac to create this conveying system. Threaded pipe connections are also available. There are no moving parts which lead to maintenance free operation while capacity and flow can be controlled with a pressure regulator.

REFERENCE (hose clamp, threaded) HOSE DIAMETER mm (inches) INTERNAL DIAMETER (mm) AIR CONSUMPTION (5,5 bar) VACUUM (inch)
30001X, 30001XT 25,4 (1.00”) 0.75” (19.0) 595 l/min -60
30002X, 30002XT 31,8 (1.25”) 1.00” (25.4) 934 l/min -55
30003X, 30003XT 38,1 (1.50”) 1.125” (28.6) 1245 l/min -50
30004X, 30004XT 50,8 (2.00”) 1.75” (44.5) 1642 l/min -36

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Size (mm)

25,4, 31,8, 38,1, 50,8


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